Not the Love Story You Are Expecting (Page 10)

Five years ago, Andrew Davie had almost everything he ever wanted. He had a fulfilling career as a high school English teacher at Alexandria’s Commonwealth Academy; he was in seemingly excellent health; he had a supportive, loving family; and he was even in the process of publishing his first crime mystery novel. On the brink of 40 years old, he felt there was only one thing missing in his life: a romantic relationship – a partner in crime, if you will.

Protecting Your Pets from (Starting) Fires at Home

Do you ever wonder what exactly your pets are doing when you’re not at home? Even if you have a pet-monitoring camera rooted somewhere in your house, you mostly just have to hope that your animals don’t get into any mischief — or start any fires. Literally. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that pets start around 1,000 house fires every year. And, this number could actually be higher, because, as Captain Nathaniel Hiner of the Arlington County Fire Department pointed out, there
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