Top 5 Things We Learned at INTRCONNECT

In January, the CoreLogic® Protect team hosted its first-ever INTRCONNECT™ conference, where hundreds of property insurance and restoration professionals gathered to learn and collaborate with one another about the future of the industry – and how to remain relevant and successful within it. An overwhelmingly successful event, attendees of the conference enjoyed expert panel sessions, collaborative breakouts, and a number of networking opportunities to swap and enhance their ideas on the trends

CoreLogic's Mission Possible: Putting Collaboration at the Forefront of our 2023 Vision

This post is part of a series sponsored by CoreLogic. It is the beginning of a new year when anything feels possible. People are committing to new goals to better themselves, and businesses are executing new strategies to realize greater success than ever. This week, CoreLogic Protect has officially set forth our strategic plan for 2023 – and how it will impact professionals across the property insurance and restoration industries.

Metadata for Marketers: How to Manage your Images at Scale

Every single company needs to have a digital presence. Since it’s impossible for your product to be everywhere, ready to display and show off to interested leads, you need the next best thing: visual representations of what your business will provide for customers, like high quality images and videos. That’s why it is important to execute an effective visual content marketing strategy, which in the words of the popular tool Canva, “uses graphics, images, video, and other visual material to marke

Setting up your digital marketing ecosystem to exceed sales goals

When you hear the word ‘ecosystem,’ you might think about the meaning you learned in your high school biology class: a community of living things – people, animals, plants – and their relationship both with one another and with the physical environment they all call home. A digital ecosystem is not so different from a biological one: just swap out the physical environment with a virtual network and add technology solutions to the mix. Your organization’s digital ecosystem is defined by how all software platforms and other IT tools connect with one another, and with the people using them.

APIs & their marketing power

Sometimes, listening to technology professionals talk is like listening to a conversation being spoken in a foreign language. Often, hearing or reading a description of cloud-based software is a seemingly endless stream of acronyms, abbreviations, and other ambiguous terms. In our last blog post, we talked a little bit about the “marketing technology stack” – the full group of technology solutions that marketers use to execute all their projects and initiatives. And even though marketers can wo

What DAM has to say in the digital marketing conversation

If your corporate career has spanned more than 15 years, you have live-witnessed the explosion of digital marketing, which is by definition “the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other online channels to reach consumers.” It really wasn’t all that long ago – before the mid-2000s specifically – marketing professionals primarily focused on offline avenues to establish their branding and promote their products and services – print advertising, TV and radio, direct mail...

Maximize the work-from-home experience for today's marketers

Before COVID-19, working from home felt like a perk for many of the people whose companies allowed them to do it. Now, though, at this point in the pandemic’s progression, working remotely feels normal at best, and stifling and isolating at worst. As of the halfway point of 2020, some experts are calling the economy of today an official “working-from-home economy,” with more than 42% of the U.S. labor force working from home full time.
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