A Lesson in Life Insurance

Similar to birth, death involves planning, time and financial resources. Life insurance plays a role in this kind of planning, as financial protection for your survivors and dependents upon your death. A life insurance policy is a sum of money for designated survivors that amounts to a value that you would in your livelihood. While people don’t walk around with price tags stuck to their foreheads, life insurance puts a monetary value on life so that it’s possible to come up with a financial plan for your family if and when your death occurs.

Mr. & Mrs. O: New Years Resolutions by SpouseLink

"This post was provided by SpouseLink. SpouseLink is a free website for Military Spouses that was created to support, inform and inspire users with a variety of content–anything from pop culture to important Military information. SpouseLink.org was created by AAFMAA, a non-profit, membership association that supports the American Armed Forces community with affordable insurance and widow survivor assistance services." *** So, the ball has dropped and it is officially 2016. The holiday season is in our rear view mirror. Can you believe it? The decade is more than half way over, meaning this could be the sixth year in a row you’ve made the same old resolutions. Make 2016 the year you stick with your resolutions for longer than a few weeks. It’s pretty easy to set lofty goals and fall short when there is no game plan for tackling them.