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I write this first blog post from Atlanta, roughly ten months after taking on Georgia residency. My full-time job is in Marketing, for a conglomeration of learning technology companies. I still, however, make plenty of time for what continues to be my first love: freelance writing. 

Despite my change in location, I still write regularly for DC-area publications. Ultimately – sooner rather than later – I hope to add Georgia publications to my repertoire. In the meantime, though, I appreciate the opportunity that writing affords me to remain 'close to home.'

I've had the privilege of writing articles about multiple people who have played special roles in my life. To name one, 'Walking-on' Field of Dreams for Herndon Native' features 20-something Justin Bartee. Years ago, Justin's family became an extension of my own. The Bartees 'adopted' me as their regular babysitter when I was years away from a byline - when my ‘side hustle’ was instead changing diapers. The process of writing this article involved merging two different spheres - the people I love entering the space occupied by what I love to do.

Justin's story is an exceptional one, and if you poke around, you'll find more gems about other extraordinary people who entered my world long before I put their names in print.

Thank you for making this site a virtual destination. No matter the reason for your visit, you should find at least a story or two that will meet your interest. 

There are chronicles here of accomplishments and undertakings that I never could have fathomed before I started moonlighting as a [largely human interest] journalist.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in discussing any kind of professional opportunity. I am always on the hunt for opportunities to expand my writing footprint and network.