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Catching up in 2022

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This will certainly not be a long blog post. I  just realized that I hadn't written anything on my "Intro" page -- my personal blog -- since I had been in the dredges of COVID related unemployment.

In summer of 2020, I was beyond happy to find a job with a great company, where I was able to expand my writing portfolio and learn a lot more about another realm of cloud-based software technology.

I'm still open to new opportunities -- freelance or otherwise. Even though I work from home all day, saddled to a computer, I still enjoy writing beyond of the content I'm required to produce for my current job.

Also, in other news, I adopted a puppy (now a full-fledged dog), which is all too appropriate considering that I've been writing a lot of articles about pets for the Arlington Connection  (my beloved hometown newspaper).

I even won a Virginia Press Association (VPA) award for one of these pet articles (http://www.connectionnewspaper...), so please check it out. It's quite touching, if I do say so myself, and perhaps was the catalyst for my own pet adoption.

Oh, the power of words and story-telling...